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Moving to a new city? While it is an exciting time to experience life somewhere new, there are some things you should do when moving to a new city. This way, you’re not caught off guard while still adjusting to life there. 

Learn the Laws

While it may seem like something you don’t need to really think about since many laws are pretty standard across the country, some cities have different laws regarding many things. This includes scooters and how they are able to drive through the city. 

Your local DMV will have the answers you need. Make sure to ask questions about the legality of riding your scooter on the main roads and any special requirements they may have. Some states do require a motorcycle type license to drive a scooter on the road, but as long as you’re staying in the state you were in and just moving cities, this isn’t a big deal. 

Some cities have strict laws for scooters since riders sometimes want to disobey the rules and ride where they shouldn’t. No matter where you move to, just be sure to keep your scooter out of the bike lane and off of the local bike racks. There are other places for you!


Going alongside learning the laws, you will also need to learn about the parking situation. This varies from city to city, so you want to talk to someone who has knowledge on the subject. Some cities allow parking of scooters in any space a car can legally park while others have specific motorcycle parking that is also used for scooters. 

You will also want to know how parking meters work for scooters. In most cases, you will pay to park your scooter like any car driver would, but there may be some exceptions. No matter where you are allowed to park, just be sure to follow the rules to avoid tickets and accidents. 

License and Registration

As long as your license is valid in the state you’re moving to, you’re covered, right? Wrong. When you change your address, you need to update the DMV for your license and registration. Often, you have strict deadlines to meet when doing this, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute! 

Most states require that you update your address within 30 days of moving. Failure to do so could result in your license being invalid. Then you’ll have to start the license process all over again! It’s not worth the hassle to go through the long list of required documents for a brand-new license, so this should be on the top of your priorities when moving to a new city. 

Head to the local DMV once you have proof of residency and whatever else you need to change your address and get an address change done. This is especially important if you’re moving to a new county, since you will have to get your registration changed to the county. 

Once you have your license taken care of, it’s time to get the scooter registered. If you are in the same county, you previously registered, you shouldn’t need to do much other than update your address on file. However, if you are in another county, you will need that county’s tags which requires you to change the registration of your scooter to the new place. 

Plan Your Commute

It’s a good idea to drive through the commute to and from work once you move to a new city so you can get an idea of how long it’ll take you. If you don’t drive it during the time you have to leave or the time you get off, you won’t get much of an idea of traffic. However, you can just plan a little extra time for traffic after you figure out the average commute time to and from your place of work.

Keep in mind that scooters can maneuver through traffic, so you may even be able to shave some of that time off by taking advantage of the scooter’s size while commuting. 

This is also a good time to make sure the roads you are traveling are all scooter friendly. Roads with speed limits higher than your scooter can reach are advised against (and in some cases, not legal for scooters to ride on). You want to play it safe and avoid accidents, so if there are roads you can’t access for safety reasons, it’s time to plan out another way of commuting.

Find the best alternative route to and from your destination and take it for a test drive. That way you can adjust the time you leave home if needed, since this route may end up a little longer than the original drive. 

Cost of Living

If you don’t already own a scooter, the cost of living in the new city may prompt you to buy one. If the cost is significantly higher than where you previously lived, you may have to cut some corners and budget better to live comfortably. In an effort to adjust to this, you can consider selling your current vehicle and getting a scooter to ride instead. 

Not only are they much cheaper to buy (new and used), but they cost less than cars overall. You can expect smaller payments if you go the financing route or a lower outright cost if purchasing the scooter right from the lot. 

Not to mention the insurance savings! Scooters are typically cheaper to insure than cars, so you’ll save a pretty penny by switching to a scooter when you move to a new city. On top of insurance costs, let’s talk gas

Gas prices have hit highs lately, with some places seeing almost $4 a gallon. Imagine filling up a 20-gallon tank at that price! Your bank account won’t be too pleased. However, since scooters have smaller gas tanks, you can usually fill them for about $10 and sometimes even less. 

If your job is pretty far from home, that gas mileage can add up when running a car or truck there every day. One of the perks of using a scooter is the gas mileage. Many models can get nearly 100 miles per gallon, so you won’t have to touch the gas tank for a while. 

Moving is a stressful enough experience, especially when you’re moving to a new city. Once you get your things and your scooter loaded to the new place, there are some things you want to do to ensure a smooth transition.

First and foremost, check the local laws regarding riding your scooter on the roads. You don’t want pulled over your first week there! Next should be the license and registration of your scooter since these need updated when you move. Don’t get caught with invalid documents because you waited too long to change them! If you don’t already have a scooter, moving to a new city can be a good excuse to get one since they’ll save you tons of money compared to running a car to and from work daily. You’ll also enjoy savings at the pump and amazing gas mileage you won’t find in a standard car. Just make sure you and your scooter are street legal when you move, and you are good to go experience the new city life!