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The Best Restaurant Delivery Method…These Tips Make Your Choice Clear


We Have A Huge Secret For You. If You Are Not Using A Scooter For Your Deliveries, You Are Letting The Faster Kitchen Serve Your Customer. Think Outside the Restaurant.

This is a write up to help you understand a lot more why we know this. First thing. There is always a lower quality way of doing things. This is not a place to do that. Cutting corners on the execution side is not a great idea. When it leaves your kitchen, it should be put into an insulated, heavy duty, yet lightweight carrier. Removed and handed to the customer in less than 15 minutes. anything outside of 15 minutes will not be fresh for your customer while they are eating it. Time It & Try For Yourself. Eating Cold Food That You Just Paid For 20-40 Minutes Earlier Isn’t Nice.

Luckily Scooter Stop has pointed out some interesting points and highlights to consider when thinking of fast deliveries.

In our world of scooters we love them because they are so easy to use, fun, simple, lightweight, stop fast, fully automatic, & can turn in small spaces. Applying all this to a restaurant delivery program is honestly a no brainer. So what it’s small. It can carry up to 10 pizzas.

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