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Four Reasons Renting A Scooter Or Moped Is The Best Way To See Charleston

There is a reason why people love Charleston so much; there is so much to do and see! Although it has the feel of a close-knit community, making it from one end tothe next is sometimes easier said than done. If you don’t want to be beholden to anyone’s tour schedule or hassle with parking, then a moped or scooter rental Charleston is an excellent solution. And if you need more proof, these are four more reasons to hop on and take one for a ride.

They are Economical

Who needs a gas guzzling car to make their way around town? A moped and a scooter uses less fuel and is much better for the environment! They are also less expensive to rent and fit into tight spaces, which means that you likely won’t have to pay for parking. If you want to save some money while perusing downtown, there is no better way to cut your transportation costs then a moped rental.

They are Eco-Friendly

Talk about gas guzzling…a moped or scooter doesn’t use the same amount of gas as a car. In fact, the average moped gets about 100 mpg. That means you can use it for an entire weekend and see everything including the lowcountry and minimize your carbon footprint to just about anything! And since Charleston is full of historic homes and sites, you will be polluting the town less and helping to preserve its rich treasures!

You Can See it All!

Thereis nothing fun about sitting in a car peering out the window at sites. When you rent a moped you hit the open road, well, open. That means you get the full experience of Charleston, the sites, the sounds and smells, which is really important because no matter when you visit things are in bloom and smell incredible. Why rent a car and do the same old same old, when you can enjoy the freedom of open air, the rush of the wind at your face, and the liberty to go places that some cars can’t!

They are Just Darn fun!

Ifyou haven’t ridden on a scooter or moped before, you are severely missing out. They are less intimidating than a motorcycle and way more fun to ride than riding a bicycle. If you are on a weekend getaway with your significant other, what better way is there to regain some youth and feel like the sky’s the limit. A moped is one of those things that might seem childish, but they are not. They are just pure, childlike fun!

The reason people love Charleston is about ten fold but most of them stem from the abundance of things to see and the fantastic weather year-round. If you are visiting forget renting a car and consider a moped rental Charleston. But, although they are fun and easy to ride, it is still important to rent from a reputable company that cares about the safety of their customers. At Scooter Stop we want you to have fun, but we also want to ensure that you have a safe ride. Click this link to Check Availability.