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How To Maintain An Electric Scooter

An electric scooter requires maintenance just like anything else. Just not a whole lot of it. Most scooters are similar to one another. So explaining this subject should go for most, not all. 

The most important parts of an electric scooter are its tires.  The tires provide a safe material of rubber in designs to grip the road. The tires are filled per the specs written on the sidewall. The amount of pressure inside determines the outer  area that meets the road. Too much, it will reduce contact with the road. Too little, the tire won’t bead and be very hard to get going. Check tires before every ride. Squeeze them and rotate to look for objects in the tread. Following these simple rules will keep you a lot safer.

The motor is a non moving part and requires no maintenance.

The batteries are to be charged regularly and require no maintenance.

Both brakes are hydraulic and are self adjusting till around 3,000-5,000 miles.

The lighting is LED and requires no bulb replacement.

So maintaining an electric scooter is very easy for anyone. No tools are required. No experience required. Just a tire gauge and a 120 volt outlet. 

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