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Most hunters typically ride an ATV through the woods while out hunting. However, not only are they noisy but the smell of gasoline from the engine can deter wildlife and ruin the hunting experience. The good news? Scooters are great for hunting. We will go over what the perfect off-road vehicle for hunting is.

Why Ride a Scooter for Hunting?

Simply put, it’s faster and more convenient. If you’re entering and leaving the woods on foot, it will take you some time to get there and back. However, on a scooter, you can cruise through the woods in no time getting to where you need to go in record time.

Have you ever been hunting on foot and had a load of gear to carry with you? It gets heavy after a while and can throw your shooting game off as well as slow you down. With a scooter, you have extra storage capacity while hunting so you can load your gear onto it instead of lugging it around yourself. 

Scooter Vs. ATV for Hunting

The first perk of using a scooter instead of an ATV for hunting is the cost. While scooters vary in price, they are typically much cheaper than ATVs. Save yourself some money and grab a gas or electric scooter instead! There are also plenty of financing options available for scooters so you can find one within your budget that will work for what you need it for. 

All you have to do is find a local authorized scooter dealer that has your desired model available and get the ball rolling on financing a scooter. You may even find good deals on used scooters to buy outright! Just be sure to only used authorized dealers so you can get the benefits of the warranties when you purchase a scooter new. 

When it comes to hunting, being silent is the key to a good hunt. You don’t get the silence you need from an ATV which can send your next target running away. Scooters are much quieter than ATVs so you can prowl the woods in style while finding your next animal. 

You However Will Not Sneak Past A Game Warden With The US FISH & WILDLIFE.

ATVs give off a heavy gasoline smell while they are running. If you’re a seasoned hunter (or even a beginner!), you know that scent plays a big role in hunting. If your prey gets the scent of gasoline before they ever see you, they will be off into the woods, and you’ll never know they were there. 

Scooters, while they use gasoline, don’t give off a strong smell while running. This creates a better opportunity for you to score your next big game. 

Maneuverability is another reason scooters are perfect for hunting. While ATVs can tackle trails, there may be some areas where they are too big to get through. Scooters allow you to get through narrow passages much easier than an ATV and more conveniently than on foot. This will open a whole new world for you to explore while out hunting. 

Perfect Off-road Vehicle for Hunting

We know that scooters are a better option than ATVs for hunting, but how do you choose the perfect off-road vehicle for hunting? First, you’ll want to budget for your scooter. Since it will be used for hunting, you don’t want to go with the cheapest scooter you can find. You want something reasonably priced that is durable enough to handle the outdoors while you are out hunting. 

Find a scooter that meets your needs for hunting. No matter what you are looking for in a scooter, one thing you’ll want to get is rugged terrain tires. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting stuck or sliding on dirt and gravel while traveling through the woods. 


With rugged terrain tires, the Genuine Roughhouse 50cc is one of the best options for your hunting needs. Not only can the tires handle loose dirt, but they can handle the rough terrain of the woods you’ll be hunting in with no issues. 

You can expect speeds of up to 30mph, or even up to 45mph if you get it de-restricted! This is for the Roughhouse 50cc, but the larger engine Roughhouse models will reach higher speeds. The best part about this scooter? You’ll get 100 miles per gallon, meaning you are free to cruise the woods while hunting for hours. 

The 2-year unlimited mileage warranty is the perfect companion for a scooter used to go hunting. The warranty may not cover everything, but it covers enough that you’ll feel comfortable taking it into the woods over and over again every hunting season. 


With frames built from high strength steel, the Lance Cabo 50 , 125, or 200cc model scooters are also an excellent choice for hunters. Not only are they built for durability, but they come with knobby tires for better terrain grip so you can cruise the woods while hunting your next prey. 

Comfort is important when you’re out in the woods for hours and Cabo gives you just that. Upgraded seats and riding position give this scooter enhanced rider comfort. 

Let’s not forget the instrument cluster. It comes with an LED display so you can easily see your speedometer, fuel gauge, turn signals, and odometer even in the middle of the woods. 

You can get the Cabo in three engine sizes. The first, and smallest, being the Cabo 50 tops out at 30mph. You’ll get more mph with this one though! Next is the Cabo 125, which will bring you to speeds up to 59mph. You’ll get up to 90mpg with this one. Last but certainly not least is the Cabo 200i. This thing is a powerhouse! Speed tops out at 65+mph with the 200i, but you’ll only get around 89mpg. 

As with all Lance scooters, you’ll enjoy a 24-month parts and labor warranty so if your scooter happens to go down, you’ll be covered. Take it to an authorized dealer and they’ll have you back to hunting in no time. 


You can’t beat the price of a Wolf Rugby scooter. It Comes In A 50cc & 150cc Version. They Are Identical, Except For The Speed. Not only are they more budget friendly than many other scooters, but they are also built to handle larger loads and bigger riders. With a weight capacity of 330lbs, you can load your scooter with all of your hunting gear needs and hit the road. 

Like the Cabo, the Rugby comes with a digital display, making all of your gauges easy to read. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of knobby tires, meaning you can take this baby off roading with no issues. 

With top speeds of 35mph you will also get up to 90mpg. The mileage, sturdy frame, and price make this a top pick for the perfect off-road vehicle for hunting. 

Whether you’re new to the hunting world or an expert in the field, getting a scooter for your hunting trips will make life much easier. Not only are they cheaper than the traditional ATVs most hunters use, but they offer several other benefits as well.

Scooters are quieter and you won’t get the smell of gasoline filling the air to scare the wildlife away. Some of the more rugged scooters are meant for exactly this kind of thing. With terrain or knobby tires, you can be sure your scooter can get through whatever kind of ground the woods has. 

Scooters will also allow you to carry more gear than you’d be able to if you were on foot. Forget the days of hiking through the woods with your back loaded down with gear. Load your scooter up and hit the trails!