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When it comes to riding your scooter around town, you probably already know what rules to follow. However, you may be unsure of parking, especially if you’re used to parking in the suburbs and you are now trying to park in the city. There are some rules you should follow, but as with most things, laws can vary from city to city so check in with the local DMV.

Parking in the City

Inner city parking can be tricky. Between one-way streets and restricted parking areas, you’ll have to be aware of the city laws to park your scooter properly. For instance, most cities allow you to park your scooter in spaces otherwise designated for cars and trucks while others reserve motorcycle spaces for scooters as well. 

Suburbs don’t typically have parking meters since they are not in the core of the city, so that is another thing you’ll want to be mindful of when parking a scooter in the city. Most, if not all cities will still require scooter riders to pay the appropriate parking meter fees. 

If there aren’t any designated motorcycle parking spaces for you to park your scooter, you can park it where cars normally park. Be sure to park your scooter properly to avoid any potential accidents and keep your scooter and other drivers safe. 

To park your scooter, angle it towards the road and ensure the back wheel touches the curb. 

Parking in the Suburbs

Suburbs may have more lenient parking for scooters as well as more parking spaces available. Since they are on the outskirts of the city, there tends to be less traffic to deal with. This leaves more open spaces available for you to park.

If the suburb has motorcycle parking, your best bet is to take one of those spaces before parking on the side of the road somewhere. 

You likely won’t run into parking meters in the suburbs either, so you have more freedom to park. There tends to be fewer parking and driving rules in the suburbs than there is in the city. 

If you have to park on the side of the road or in a space usually for cars, follow the same parking as if you were in the city. Angle your scooter with the back wheel touching the curb. 

Where You Can’t Park a Scooter

While scooter parking varies from suburb to city, there are several places that you shouldn’t park your scooter no matter what. 

  • Sidewalks- Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians to safely walk along the road and your scooter being parked there is a hazard
  • Bike racks- These should be reserved for bicycle riders to use.
  • Disabled spaces- Unless you have a disabled tag or plate, it is a no brainer to not park here
  • Private driveways- This should be another no brainer. Unless you have permission from the owner, never park in someone’s driveway. You could get your scooter towed! 

Scooter parking varies from place to place, but most generally you’ll just follow the same rules you would for parking a car. That means paying parking meter fees whether you are on 2 wheels or 4 and avoiding any restricted parking areas. Tow zones, truck unloading, and parking near fire hydrants are all a no go whether you are in the suburbs or the city. 

Before you go and get a ticket for improper parking, check in with the local DMV to see if scooters are subject to any special rules while in the area. For instance, some allow scooters to park with discounted meter fees while others still charge the whole fee. All it takes is a call to keep you out of trouble! Aside from motorcycle parking, if you wouldn’t park your car there, don’t park your scooter there.