Charleston Scooter News

Scooter Rules & Regulations In Downtown Charleston, SC

What To Expect

Charleston is a great city for electric and gas scooters to use as transportation. The easy traffic flow and parking allows for a seamless scooter commute. Just following the local laws will keep you from getting a fine or ticket while visiting. Following the rules will ensure safety and fun for all involved.

Electric Scooter Regulations

The City Of Charleston is a perfect place to enjoy these fun and friendly electric scooter models. You are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks for pedestrian use only. Charleston, South Carolina is full of bike lanes for electric scooters to safety ride in. All bikes and electric scooters are able to use the bike path that is painted on the roadway to the right side. You as a rider are regulated to ONLY go the direction of the traffic flow. Any deviation from these can result in a possible fine. There is no age restrictions for electric scooters in the City or surrounding areas. They classify them as “recreation.”


Gas Scooter Regulations

If you are renting a scooter to enjoy Downtown Charleston and Surrounding areas here are a few tips to keep you out of trouble.

Never park a scooter at a bicycle parking rack. IT’S ILLEGAL. Scooters must be parked on the street in a regular parking space and use the parking meter. This ensures you No Fine. *Parking garages often are cheaper than meter parking and provide a better sense of security while you are away from your ride. **Also, The top of the parking garages give the best views of the city…..Especially at night!

*Insurance is NOT required in Charleston, SC for 50cc Gas Scooters

*A Moped, Motorcycle, or Regular Driver’s License Is Required by Law

*To Rent a Scooter From Scooter Stop, the closest Rental spot closest to Folly Beach & The City Of Charleston, ****ALL Riders MUST Be at Least 18 years old.

*The owner of the scooter/s are responsible for paying all fines, but may charge the rider/ renter.