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Scooter Won’t Crank ……..Hope This Info Helps

Most of us at one time or another have or will experience a scooter/ moped not wanting to crank up and do it’s job. This can be irritating and cause a huge loss of time for us and anyone involved with the experience. These sort of issues cause many people to lose a job, always be late, never be reliable, rush your time because this issue caused them to be. Ultimately the best way to avoid these is to always be riding a scooter or moped with a warranty. Quite possibly a great idea to have Roadside Assistance like Genuine Scooter Company offers to its customers for FREE with any New Scooter Purchase. Roadside assistance is also offered with many insurance companies.

Riding With Roadside Assistance Feels Great

  • Check the compression (Most Important)
  • Check Spark (Needed)
  • Fuel LEVEL (Important)
  • Check Fuel Quality (Needed)
  • Ignition Switch is turned on and a gauge is moving on the dash
  • Kill switch is in the RUN position.
  • Side Kickstand is UP (Possible Kill Switch)
  • Pushing start button but feels loose (Replace Switch)
  • Both Brake Levers operate the brake light (Brake Switch Not Working)


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