Charleston Scooter News Tips & Maintenance

Simple Tips For Scooter Maintenance

Maintaining Your Scooter

Proper Maintenance is key in keeping any scooter running it’s best. The intervals are different for each scooter. If you have any questions about how to properly keep your scooter or moped up to date, reach out to your local scooter dealer.  

There are 2 different kinds of 50cc engines, 2 Strokes & 4 Strokes. A 2 Stroke Engine requires lees maintenance than a 4 stroke. We will detail the differences of them later. 

So As we ride, our scooter is wearing it’s moving parts. It’s our job to keep these items up to date and reliable for many miles. No one wants to be stranded or break down in an unexpected area. Replacing the drive belt will keep your scooter riding smooth for many miles without that “POP.” Along with the drive belt, we have to inspect the variation body and all the components that make it run smoothly. The variator body allows the belt to run smoothly against the clutch & variator body. Once the RPM’s go up, the rollers push themselves out into the varistor body. This makes the belt rise up and the scooter will go faster. This needs to be replaced often.

CLUTCH TIPS:: The Clutch basically tells the scooter when to move and what exact RPM it will move forward. So when the belt goes higher up on the variation, It also got lower into the clutch pulley. The clutch’s secondary pulley makes it transition smoothly into the higher RPM range. The Variator Slides effortlessly on the crankshaft because of the variator boss. This round piece Is what the belt actually rides on.

VARIATOR TIPS :: Inside the variator we have rollers that are weighed by grams. This is specific to whatever RPM you want to keep the scooter in. The higher the gram rollers, The more power you need to have. The lesser weighted rollers will cause you spin up fast, but the scooter will not reach it’s full power potential. Keeping a scooter or moped in it’s power range is key to keeping it safe & getting up those steep hills.

Rule: If the top speed goes 5-8mph SLOWER …. It will Need a Belt Change. Reason is the dimensions wear down and the chords will breakdown. 

Finding the right parts for your scooter or moped can be tricky when not ordering from an Authorized Dealer. Not all parts are created equal. Brand dictates quality. Quality dictates the life of the part. Buying a cheaper part will not be saving you money in the long run. Buy quality scooter & moped parts from Scooter Stop. We have put together a good bit of tune up kits for every make and model we sell. This makes maintaining your scooter a breeze. We offer OEM replacement parts for Wolf Brand Scooters, Genuine Scooter Company, Royal Alloy Scooters, Chicago Scooter company, Niu Electric Scooters & Kymco Scooters. Scooter Stop is an Authorized Dealer for these Brands. We are able to stand behind these brands. They have a steady supply of OEM parts and Super Dealer Support. 

WHERE TO BUY TIPS: Finding the right parts for the right machine is what it takes. Wrong parts cost us time and money. We have to return them unused. Original condition, & wait for the funds to be credited back to your bank account. This Is not supposed to happen. So order from an Authorized Dealer Who will give you Original OEM Parts or Something Better.