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South Carolina 50cc Moped / Scooter Laws

Mopeds Must Be Registered in South Carolina Per New 50cc Scooter Laws

As of November 19th, 2019, every moped or 50cc scooter must have a valid South Carolina Moped, “MP”, license plate, registration decal, and registration card to show it is properly registered with the SCDMV and legally allowed to operate on state roads. This comes as Act 89 signed into law by the sitting Governor Henry McMaster in May 2017 to help with keeping track of all registered vehicle on South Carolina roads.

All moped and 50cc Scooter owners must bring in $10 for registration payment and documentation of purchase to include, an invoice of moped / scooter transaction, Certificate of Origin, Bill Of Sale, South Carolina Title, or Proof showing they are the rightful owner of the moped being registered. If NO Paperwork exists, the DMV agency will locate the Serial number or VIN number to begin a search for rightful owner/s.

50cc Scooter and Moped owners Do NOT have to pay property taxes to the county the reside and  DO NOT have to carry insurance on any level. Although we suggest insurance for our own sake.

Moped owners will owe a $10 FEE Every 2 Years as a biennial registration fee.

Owners of 50cc scooters or mopeds may title their scooter with the SCDMV, but are not required to under the new laws in effect. Owners must bring in a ALL above mentioned documents to title the moped and $15 cash/card. If he/she wants the title right then, they must pay $35.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Minimum Age For Buying a Moped, Having a Class G Endorsement to legally operate a moped is NOW 15 YEARS OLD !!!!!! 

*Anyone 16 or OLDER may operate a 50cc scooter or moped with a moped, motorcycle, or driver’s license.*

Anyone younger than 16 with a moped license may ONLY OPERATE during daylight hours, during nightime hours with someone 21 or older. That 21 or older person must be a passenger on the moped or within a SAFE VIEWING DISTANCE OF THE MOPED DRIVER.

You may also may obtain a regular driver’s license or motorcycle license to drive a moped as well if your current driving privileges haven’t been hindered by suspension or points.

A Moped license costs $25 and is valid for 8 years from date of issue.


***If presenting a title to the SCDMV, it must say Motor Driven Cycle or Moped. Titles that say MC, Motorcycle, are not going to be registered as mopeds


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