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Stay at Home Order Behind us – Get out There and See Charleston by Scooter

We are living in very unprecedented times. The past several months have been very tense and being stuck in the house with nowhere to go, has ramped up the pressure. The good news is that most South Carolinians can see an end to the isolation, and the stay at home order has been lifted. That doesn’t mean that you have to go wild and throw caution to the wind, but it does mean that you can finally get out and get some wind in your hair.
If you have been cooped up for months, what better way to get a taste of freedom than a scooter rental Charleston, SC adventure day. Not everything might be open full capacity, but the beaches are ready and waiting, and so are the sights of the city. Take a day to take the trip of a lifetime.

The Beaches are Open and Waiting

There is nothing better than hitting the beach. For us beachcombers, having no public access has been a real bummer. The summer sun is starting to heat up and so is the fun. Rent a scooter and hit the sand for the day. Social distancing at its best, pick a quiet spot, listen to some tunes, and catch some waves. Folly Beach has some of the best surfing internationally, so make it a combined day of scooter fun followed by hanging ten!

The Architecture you Might Have Missed

It is amazing how you can live in a city your whole life and not see all the fantastic things that people come to Charleston to view. If you haven’t ever taken a stroll down memory lane, rent a scooter and hit the cobblestone streets, take a ride by the ocean, and really stop to smell the flowers. What you might find is that you have been a stranger in your own home. There are so many little things you probably pass weekly that you never turn your eyes to. Now is an excellent time to open your eyes wide and see all the miraculous things you’ve taken for granted.

Ah…the Restaurants

Sure, the restaurants might have only limited capacity right now, but find an outdoor cafe and sit and people watch. It has been super hard to sit in your house without any social interaction. An outdoor eatery is a perfect way to soak in the summer rays, get a little fresh air, and see all of those people you haven’t for a while. If there is one thing that the shutdown should have taught us is that things can change in an instant. So don’t let another minute pass you by while you have the freedom to go – go!

Hit the Water Kayaking

The Lowcountry has some of the most miraculous habitats in the world. Springtime is when things start to come alive again, so don’t miss out on a moment. Try a kayak rental and hit the marshes to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Since the gyms have all been closed, you might need a little exercise. But who wants to be inside on a treadmill after being stuck for so long? Rent a kayak and hit the water. Although social distancing is still the recommendation, it can just be you out on the open waterways seeing some pretty amazing things.
The stay at home order has been lifted. And although life hasn’t returned exactly back to normal, you are free to hit the great outdoors and start living again. What better way is there to find the freedom you have been craving than by having a scooter rental Charleston, SC day all by yourself, or with the people you love?

At Scooter Stop, we are taking all precautions to keep you safe, but you deserve fun too-so hit the open road and grab life by the reins again! Contact us today to reserve your scooter.