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Things To Look Out For When Buying A Used Moped or Scooter

Reasons To Buy A Used Scooter / Moped

There are lots of reasons someone should buy a used moped or scooter. We have compiled a list to go buy as a rule of thumb to guide you through a smooth purchase. Buying Used vs. New has its advantages and disadvantages. We encourage our customers to weigh options and don’t buy on impulse. This will prove to be valuable later on in the scooter’s ownership stage. A smooth ownership experience is what we are all about. Making you aware of the Pros and Cons of Moped/Scooter Buying is Priceless to someone who lives in a remote area. Providing customers all over the world with useful moped information and advice is key. 

Whether you are looking to buy a moped/scooter because you lost your driver’s license or deliver for Uber Eats…..Scooter Stop has over 50+ scooter/moped options for you in their showroom. Located in Charleston, South Carolina and selling 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 170cc, 200cc, 300cc Scooters ONLINE & in their SHOWROOM.

Used Scooter / Moped Buying Checklist

  • COMPRESSION needs to be over 100psi on a regular automotive style compression gauge. You may be able to rent one from an auto supply store for FREE. Single most important thing on the whole scooter. Tells the motor life and performance. Pushing a finger off the spark plug hole isn’t a great way to tell someone it can run. Get numbers from your mechanic. We provide on every service interval or spark plug change. We monitor your ride! (REPAIR COSTS of $95-700)
  • SPARK needs to be Bright and Consistent for around 10 seconds. Weak spark is not going to power through compression.(REPAIR COSTS of $20-200)
  • FUEL needs to be of a great quality. We recommend emptying the fuel tank, fuel lines, and Carburetor of any suspect poor fuel quality. “Remove All Doubt, Suck It Out.” Replace with fresh gas from a known source. Never fill up your moped / scooter without pouring in a glass jar to visually see if there is any sort of fuel debris evident. (REPAIR COSTS of $5-125)
  • Tires free of cracks, holes, plugs, gashes, or lack of tread. (REPAIR COSTS of $100-200)
  • Valve Stems free of cracks and have the valve stem cap on them. (REPAIR COSTS of $30-50)
  • Instrument Cluster and Speedometer work when bike is moving. Also reading correctly!! It’s easy to remove the speedometer cable. Keep this in mind. All lights properly light up. (REPAIR COSTS of $95-400)
  • Transmission maintenance should be done every 2500-4000 miles on the dash. This is the main reason people sell their machines. Neglected maintenance will catch up to the owner very quick and can bee costly. Ask for records or at the very least what work has been done to the scooter/moped.(REPAIR COSTS of $140-400)
  • Air filter is clean of debris, holes, excessive oil, and it sould’ve been replaced every 2,500-5,000 on the dash. Easily inspected on most scooter /moped models. (REPAIR COSTS of $10-42)
  • Rims spin freely and don’t show signs of being damaged. Put the scooter/moped on it’s center stand and operate the front and back at different times. Holding the handlebars to one side or another is helpful for stability. (REPAIR COSTS of $80-470)
  • Steering Stem is straight and shows no signs of wobble or shaking. Visually inspect this from the front of the scooter/moped. Handle bars should be directed forward and in line with the front fender. Sometimes the slightest of knock overs can make for a bad steering stem. This will make it harder to drive the scooter and ultimately making it unsafe for travel. It also compromises the reaction of the scooter fo compensation and wears tires uneven. (REPAIR COSTS of $280-800)

Hope this was helpful. Buying a used scooter is like playing Russian Roulette. Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose. We encourage purchasing a new scooter to over ride all of the issues on this list. We offer sales of Genuine , Wolf, Chicago, & Kymco Scooters/Mopeds all over the world. We Ship units every day!

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