Tips for Renting a Scooter in Charleston, SC

Tip for Renting a Scooter

Charleston continues to be one of the hottest vacation destination spots in the United States due to all the amazing things there are to do and see around town. Since there is so much to experience, you have to make the best use of your time.

Tips for Renting a Scooter in Charleston, SC

Instead of taking a walking tour, which can limit the distance you travel, or a bus, where you are confined to peeking out a window, try a scooter rental Charleston, SC company. Hit the open streets, stop as you please, and cover Charleston from one end to the next. But before you hop on, make sure to follow these tips for safety!

Before you Rent a Scooter

  • Have a valid license. To drive a scooter in Charleston, you will need a valid driver’s license. Not only is it the law, but if something does happen, the insurance will only cover you if you have a valid license.
  • Don’t drink and drive. It is illegal to drive any vehicle, including a scooter, if you are intoxicated. Just one drink can alter your decision-making process and predispose you to make a wrong move!
  • Rent a scooter appropriate to your skill level. Make sure that the scooter rental you choose matches your driving ability. If you haven’t driven one before, don’t get the fastest and most dangerous one there is.
  • Don’t choose a rental company on price alone. There is usually a reason why something is cheap. And when it comes to a scooter rental, that reason might be unsafe equipment or scooters that aren’t maintained properly. When you rent a scooter, it is best to choose a company based on more factors than price alone.
  • Inspect your scooter. Even if you aren’t a mechanic, common sense will tell you if something is amiss with the scooter you are given. Check around it for any signs of excessive wear and tear, an accident, or an oil leak. If it looks beat up, there is a good likelihood that hopping on will get you beat up!
  • Wear protective gear. Scooters go pretty fast, so it is a good idea to protect yourself with eyewear and protective clothing.

When you hit the Open Road

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Look out for things like other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals!
  • Cover your brakes at all times. Driving cautiously with your hands on the brakes is the only way to drive defensively. And also, it helps you prepare if you have to stop suddenly.
  • Check mirrors frequently.
  • Watch out for road conditions. Be aware of things like oil spills, water on the pavement, or potholes. Scooters react quickly to imperfection on the road, so avoiding them is critical to staying safe!
  • Plan an escape route. When traveling alongside motorists, make sure that you always have an escape route and that you aren’t following too closely.
  • Wear bright clothing. Sometimes motorists have a difficult time seeing scooters in their side vision. Wear bright clothing so that they will see you coming.
  • Scooter rentals are awesome…so enjoy the ride!

The Best Way To See All


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