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Top Five Things to see in Folly Beach Via Moped

With fall in full swing, now is a perfect time to spend time outdoors. Before the cold rushes in and while the leaves are turning different shades of autumn, get out and see all the fantastic sites of Folly Beach. And for a little additional wow, do it all from the seat of a moped. If you want to see it all, what better way than out in the open with the wind in your face. Try a moped rental Folly Beach and peruse these five must see sites!

Kayak Rental

One of the best ways to see the wonderful marsh areas of the lowcountry is by renting a kayak and hitting the waterways. Fall is the best time to view nature in its abundant habitat without the hot sun of summer beating down. Take a leisurely stroll all on your own, or take a tour to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Whichever way you choose to go, take your time and smell the flowers, relax, unwind and paddle your day to day away!

Holiday Photos

The holidays are right around the corner. While seeing the sites of Folly Beach moped-style why not get a few professional pictures to send out for Christmas cards. What else are the holidays for than to make everyone jealous seeing all the amazing things you did throughout the year. Hit the beach, take some photos waterside or catch a wonderful seaside sunset on film for friends and family to see.


The best way to see Folly Beach and get some exercise is by taking a paddleboarding tour. Paddleboarding is the fastest growing trend in the lowcountry because you can see it all firsthand while paddling by hand. If you are a newbie, don’t worry, catching on is totally easy. You can ride your moped right to the rental place, hop on, and enjoy the day away.


Hurry before the winter rushes in and the surfing season is over. It might be a bit chilly, but a little known fact is that Folly Beach is known worldwide as one of the best places to surf. Make 2019 the year that you hit the waves for a little fun. Just make sure to bring a wetsuit, your fearless attitude and a change of clothes! The “Washout” is the place to be…so be there or be square!

Go for the Adventure, Stay for the Food

Once your day of moped-ing and adventuring is over, hit one of the many excellent restaurants on Folly Beach. Pier 101 offers panoramic views of Folly Beach and has fresh seafood and specialty cocktails. Or, get your fill of oysters at Oyster House on Market, in the heart of downtown. If crab is your “thing” then Charleston Crab House is the place to be. After twenty years it is still drawing a crowd, so remember to make reservations.

Autumn is in the air, and so are beautiful autumn colors. Now is a perfect time to engage in a moped rental Folly Beach day to see it all before the cold rushes in and we all have to rush inside. But since safety is of the utmost importance, choose Scooter Stop for your moped rental needs. Contact us today to inquire and reserve your moped today!