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Where To Get An Electric Scooter In Miami

Miami is a hot spot for many reasons. When walking and driving throughout it’s hard to not notice the Lighting Blue & Gloss Black electric scooter. These electric scooters that surround the city streets have been supplied by Revel. The electric scooter rental company is the premier source for transportation it seems… or IS IT NOT? We will go in depth of the benefits of doing a rental service versus owning your very own electric scooter.

These two options give each rider a different experience every time they ride. With two totally different finance plans. Renting a Revel scooter on the street corners of Miami, Florida takes a few minutes. Just download the iPhone or android app and enter a credit card number. You can be riding in less than 5 minutes. On the other hand you can buy one from an authorized electric scooter dealer, like Scooter Stop. They deliver right to your door. 100% Ride Ready. Financing is Available For Many. The main finance company is Sheffield Financial. They are a division of BB&T, located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. 

The Electric Scooter & Motorcycle Market is growing month after month. Top brands that control this area are Niu, Vespa , & Zero Motorcycles. Revel uses the Niu Style Electric scooters for their rental. The roomy Seat gives tall & short riders comfort and offer confidence. This is a biggie. Having your feet flat on the pavement is key to being stable. Confidence comes from stability. Scooter Stop sells many different style electric scooters from Niu. From smaller framed NIU MQi+ Sport To The Larger framed Niu NQI GT PRO. They have something for everybody.