Vespa Scooter History

Vespa is the vintage, classic style scooter of all scooters and is a well known name all across the world. Vespa produces some of the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to scooters. Cutting edge technology forms every one of their scooters, offering top notch scooters worldwide.

Origins of the Original Classic

During a time that was filled with new ideas and creativity following a war, Vespa became a household name representing new freedoms and hope worldwide.

Vespa was founded in 1946, following World War II and won the hearts of everyone with its original, gorgeous design. Vespa was created by Corradino d’Ascanio, who was a genius designer with a vision in mind to form a simple, powerful motorized vehicle.

Vespa Timeline

1949: Vespa 125

1951: Vespa Torpedo, Vespa 125 (improved technology and aesthetics), Vespa 125 ”Six Days”

1955: Vespa 150 Sidecar, Vespa 150 GS

1957: Vespa 400

1962: Vespa Dali

1963: Vespa 50

1966: Vespa 90 Super Sprint

1970: Vespa 50 A Pedali

This is just a small sample of the scooters and other vehicles Vespa has released since its creation in the 1940s. Vespa has since added several more models to its lineup, including the Primavera, Spring, Elettrica, GTS, GTS Super, and Sei Giorni as well as some others throughout the years.

The Fashion of Riding on Two-Wheels

During the 1960s, the term “mod” was used to describe things that were fashionable, modern, and popular. Many movements were inspired by this, including ones that acted as the voice for the desire for change from the youth of the world. Vespas were popular among this group since it gave a sense of community to ride down urban roads with your friends on these classic style scooters.

Vespa: Finding Harmony in Nature

Vespa has always had a close relationship with the environment and nature in general. The name Vespa has origins related to nature and represents the harmonic balance its riders will find when they go for a cruise.

Vespa aims to create a lifestyle that isn’t made for its fuel efficiency or low cost maintenance, but rather a new approach to life so riders can escape the woes of daily life and focus on finding the world around them.

Vespa has always taken a stand against car congestion and pollution. A campaign in the 1970s teased about cars being four-wheeled sardines, stating they took up space in real life and contributed to environmental and noise pollution everywhere.

While scooters don’t contribute as much noise and air pollution as cars, Vespa still did its part to reduce contribution to pollution with the introduction of the Elettrica. This electric scooter brings new energy to the road, revolutionizing the Vespa name. It’s completely silent, whether in eco mode or power mode, so riders can fully take in the riding experience.

Celebrating 75 Years

Vespa wanted to celebrate the creative spirit fueling its designs and created a special Anniversary Edition for the 75th year in business. This special edition scooter offers a youthful approach to classic scooters, adding a contemporary touch. The color used on the 75th anniversary edition is a new take on the interpretationof the colors from the 40s era of Vespa.

On top of the scooter itself, it also comes with a commemorative plate dedicated to an important milestone for Vespa.


Vespa has been in the scooter business since the 1940s, so they know scooters. Vespa aims to not only offer great scooters, but to introduce its riders to a new lifestyle of freedom and world exploration, experiencing nature like never before. They are the original vintage scooter, growing from their 1940s operation to a worldwide name known in nearly every household.