Financing Your Scooter? Things to Consider

As we head into the second quarter of 2021, things are easing up in terms of social distancing, and spring is in the air. The best part about living in the Charleston area is the weather. Ditching your gas-guzzling vehicle and buying a scooter is an excellent way to enjoy the warm sunshine ahead. And with gas prices on the rise, an electric scooter is a budget-conscious decision as well. At the moment interest rates are still historically low, so now is a fantastic time to finance your purchase. But be careful: don’t just Google “scooter financing near me” and take the first option. Compare them all to make sure you get the best deal.

Things to Consider When Financing Your Scooter

The biggest thing you should look for when choosing where to finance your scooter is the reputation of a dealership. When researching dealer financing, it is important to know the credibility of the lender. Don’t Google “scooter financing near me” without taking the time to investigate things like reviews, their standing with the Better Business Bureau, and whether they are an authorized dealer for the scooter you are considering buying.

Traditional Lender or Dealership?
Depending on your credit history, you might have more choices available for financing. But before you just assume that a traditional lender like a bank is going to give you the best rate, research all of your options. Sometimes dealerships will offer great financing programs to help you buy. And if you finance with a dealership, they will sometimes offer incentives for repairs and maintenance. Take your time and really look around before deciding which way is the best way for you to go.

Pay Attention to the Fine Details
Before you sign on the dotted line to finance any major purchase, it is essential to read through the contract and make sure you understand everything. Also, make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees that can come back to sting you. Look for things like early payment fees that will cost you money if you get ahead of the game and want to pay your scooter off before your term date. Sometimes financial contracts can be tricky, so don’t feel foolish about taking your time or bringing in someone who has more experience to look it over before you agree to anything.

Set Your Budget in Stone
Sometimes a budget can grow without you even realizing it, and before you know it, you are paying way more than you intended to. It is critical to examine your finances to know how much you can realistically finance without putting a hardship on your monthly expenses. Also, you want to be aware of what you can pay so that you don’t end up spending way too much for a scooter over the term of your lease because you didn’t set your budget in stone before shopping.

At Scooter Stop, we want to get you on a scooter this spring to enjoy the warm weather. We offer the best and most reliable financing in the Charleston area. Our team of professionals is happy to walk you through all the specifics related to your purchase and purchasing agreement so that you aren’t unpleasantly surprised. Come in today and discuss how we can help make your dream of owning a scooter a reality.