Check Out These Hilton Head Attractions By Scooter

Heading to Hilton Head? Check Out These Attractions By Scooter

People in the South - and really, around the nation - flock to Hilton Head for many reasons. It isn’t just about the wonderful and pristine white, sandy beaches. There are a ton of activities to engage in for the entire family. It is also a very low-key place to rest, relax, and unwind. If you are going to head to Hilton Head this summer, make sure to see all that it has to offer the best way possible by finding a scooter rental Hilton Head company - and hit the trails for an awesome adventure!

Dolphin Watching

It really doesn’t matter if you have seen them for the first time or the thousandth; dolphins are just one of God’s creatures that never stop fascinating us. They are one of the most social marine creatures and act almost as if they enjoy entertaining you as much as you enjoy being entertained. On any given day, you can see them from shore, popping out of the water to get a feel for the sunshine. And if you want to see them up close and personal, consider taking a dolphin nature tour. Trained guides can help pinpoint where you will get the best view, and they know how to attract them to initiate some fun!

Beachside Yoga

If you are a yoga enthusiast and have never tried yoga beachside, it is a must! Coligny Beach, a tourist’s favorite beach spot, has yoga classes daily for you to bring your mat, stretch out, and get some sunshine, all while finding your chi. The best part about practicing yoga is that practicing is what it is. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and it is perfect for anyone from seasoned athletes to novice exercisers. You can get a little exercise while enjoying your time away!

Fishing Charters

Sure, you can fish from shore or in the many waterways located around Hilton Head Island, but there is something exotic about hopping on a chartered boat and heading away from civilization for the day to try your hand at fishing.

Or, if water tubing is your thing, charter a boat and hit Shelter Cove. They have wonderful day trips for all ages. If you are bringing along your teenager and want to spend some alone time, they offer guided tubing tours where you drop them off and you both get to enjoy some independence!

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Island Winery

If you are a wine aficionado, then the Island Winery is an excellent place to indulge your palate. Island Winery makes their hand-crafted concoctions on-premises, specializing in both red and white wine, along with Lowcountry local favorites. The tasting room allows you to engage with other vacationers in a very casual and social atmosphere. Enjoy the ride there on your scooter and, as always, drink responsibly!


Eating shrimp is only half the fun! Join the Vagabond Shrimp Trawling Expedition and learn all that you always wanted to know about shrimp and their habitat. You’ll learn all about how shrimp are caught and the daily routine of the local shrimpers who make it a full-time job. And everything you catch becomes the freshest dinner around!


What is better than watching dolphins and marsh crawling? Getting some exercise while doing it. Rent a kayak and hit the open water to get a wonderful glimpse of the many sea creatures living in the Lowcountry. You can feed dolphins right out of your hand, or choose to target a bigger prey - sharks! Whatever you get into for the day, you are certain to have an amazing time - and burn a few calories to boot!

Thank goodness things are starting to return to normal around the US. If you are looking for a fantastic summer vacation spot, look no further than Hilton Head Island. With so much to do, there is a little something for everyone. And to see it from end to end with the greatest view possible, contact Scooter Stop, the best scooter rental Hilton Head company, and reserve your dates today!