Segway powered up their two-wheel game with the introduction of electric mopeds. The adult scooter lineup is pretty small currently, but as always, Segway is consistently creating and releasing new transportation technology. Expect the street legal emoped lineup to continue growth in the coming years. Micro mobility is becoming more popular in every demographic.

Segway Electric Mopeds

  1. Segway eMoped E110A


  1. Segway eMoped C80

Segway eMoped E110A


Break the boring daily commute by riding on this simple yet stylish electric scooter by Segway. 

With room for two riders and ample storage space, you can pack your belongings and a passenger and hit the town. 
Safety Features 

The E110A eMoped offers several ways to lock and unlock, so you can keep it safe no matter what. The Airlock system allows the eMoped to lock and unlock via a Bluetooth connection to your phone, without any additional work.

Next up is the app! You can use a simple pin to lock and unlock the eMoped, or you can use the app itself with just the push of a button.

Last but not least, the key. The E110A can be locked and unlocked using the key in its traditional sense, or you can use the remote feature.

Pair these options with the auto anti-theft protection and you can keep your ride safe wherever you are.
Mileage and Speed

The average top speed for the Segway eMoped E110A is 30 miles per hour with a ride range of around 35 miles per charge. These can both vary depending on the terrain and rider. 

If you need more mileage per charge, Segway offers the option of an additional battery, available for purchase separately. This should get around another 35 miles per full charge. 
Segway eMoped C80


While less powerful than the E110A, the Segway eMoped C80 is still a great option for those wanting to go on an urban adventure without being stuck in a car.
Safety Features

Auto-lock allows you to set up a preset countdown that will automatically lock the bike down once it is activated. 

Like the E110A, the C80 also offers the option of Airlock, turning your phone into the key needed to lock and unlock the moped. 

NFC tags are included. To lock or unlock the moped with these, all you do is swipe the card over the dash and you’re set! 

The anti-theft system will alert you to any odd movements of the scooters. It also has GPS tracking, so you can be sure of the moped’s position at any time. 
Mileage and Speed

You'll get a better riding range with the C80, averaging around 47 miles per charge depending on the terrain and rider.

However, you won’t travel close to 30 miles per hour with this model. The top speed for this moped is around 20 miles per hour, running just slightly under. 

Final Thoughts on Segway Electric Mopeds

Segway offers some of the best ways to get around, including electric mopeds. 

With just a few models available, options are limited but quality is unmatched. 

The E110A is good for those who need something a little faster, but ride range is slightly less than the C80 counterpart. The C80 offers better mileage, but slower speeds.

Either of these electric mopeds are perfect for beginners and experts alike, it just depends on the purpose of the moped!