Scooters are convenient, especially in a tourist area like Myrtle Beach! Park your car at the hotel you’re staying at and see what kind of scooter rental services you can find in the area. You can start with a simple Google search of “scooters for rent near me” and see what pops up, or you can go online right to Scooter Stop and get your rental scooter reserved in advance easily. 

How To Find The Best Myrtle Beach Scooter Rentals

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a scooter rental in Myrtle Beach. Locals would have a good idea of how to find a scooter rental and which ones are best, but you can’t exactly go door to door knocking for opinions. 

Google and social media will be your best bet if you’re searching “scooters for rent near me”. However, you’ll want to be sure the results you get are ones that fit your needs. You can find reviews on nearly all businesses, discover some Myrtle Beach renting tips to ensure your decision before settling for a scooter rental service! The cheapest rentals available might not be in the greatest shape or you could be met with poor customer service. There are shops that understand safety is first. Some may not be on that level of service.

Did you know there are scooter rental apps you can get on your phone? Scooters are becoming increasingly popular, so the demand has created innovation among scooter enthusiasts. Many of them allow you to find local scooters for rent, enter payment details, and even lock the scooter via the app when you return it! 

Myrtle Beach Scooter Rental Process

The rental process for a scooter is similar to that of renting a car. When you arrive at the scooter rental service you’ll present your state issued driver’s license as well as valid payment information (usually in the form of a credit card). Before finishing the rental process, you’ll likely go over the agreement with an employee. Make sure to read it thoroughly and ask questions if something doesn’t make sense. 

To ensure a smooth scooter rental experience, Scooter Stop has it all figured out. Not only is the rental process streamlined and simple so you don’t waste your valuable time, they tailor the experience to your needs. From locals renting a scooter to save on gas to out of towners who need a better way to get around, there is a scooter rental for everyone. 

What To Look For In Your Myrtle Beach Scooter Rental

One of the first things you should look for when you’re searching for Myrtle Beach scooter rentals is knowledgeable staff. While they may not have immediate answers for all of your questions, the staff should be able to cover all of the basics about your rental. This way, before you begin the scooter rental process, you can be sure it’s the right fit for you and your needs. A newer & more fast pace scooter shop will be expected to do a Super Job. If not, ask to speak to the owner & say you want to feel safer on a scooter with some answers. They will happily assist you. 

Find the best terms that work with your budget. While scooter rentals in Myrtle Beach may have similar pricing, some may have hidden fees they don’t initially disclose until you’re going through the rental agreement. Taxes are required to be taken by a scooter rental service. Fees are payed by the renter. Not the seller.

How to Take Care of Your Myrtle Beach Scooter Rental

Treat the scooter as you would your own, personally owned vehicle. Remember, any damage incurred while under your care will cost you! Mind the speed limits as you would in a car. This is especially important since you’ll be on the road with much larger vehicles. Traffic tickets are a real thing, you are responsible for those too.

An important thing to note while riding your scooter in North Myrtle Beach is parking. Avoid tickets by parking in designated areas, such as motorcycle parking spaces if available. You cannot park scooters in bike racks or on the sidewalk. Ask the scooter rental service you’re using what the local laws are regarding parking on the street. Some places require one of the wheels to be touching the curb and at an angle. Other areas may have different parking regulations for scooters. 

What CC Should You Rent?

This largely depends on a scooter they offer in the Myrtle Beach area. Some may only offer limited 50cc moped options, while others may offer a wide range of scooter engine size options. The best bet is to rent a scooter you are most comfortable with. This will usually be a lower power scooter, like a 50cc adult gas scooter. However, don’t let the lower cc deter you! They are still great for riding around town and can maintain speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Some have options of upgrading to a faster model for a small charge. This is perfect for cruising around a tourist town and doing some sightseeing you might otherwise miss traveling in a car! You save more time and money by being on a scooter. Facts. 100 miles a gallon is the normal fuel consumption.

If you’ll be riding on roads that have higher speeds than the scooter can reach, you might want to look for alternate routes or other rental options. To be safe on the road, the scooter you are riding should be able to meet and maintain posted speed limits at all times. 

WHERE To Find A BEST Scooter Service

When it comes to finding the best Myrtle beach scooter rental, you have a few options. The first one is to find an app for rental scooters. Since they are becoming more popular, there are tons of apps available to check out. If you’ve had friends rent scooters in Myrtle Beach, you can find out where they rented from and get a review on the experience.

If neither of those are options, you can always count on Scooter Stop for your Myrtle Beach scooter rental. Not only is the process simple, but the scooter can be delivered right to you. They offer rentals for all of your needs, from hourly rentals to scooter rentals for the entire month! You don’t even need experience, they’ll ensure you have all of the knowledge you need to have a fun, safe scooter ride around Myrtle Beach.