Myrtle Beach Scooter Rental vs. Golf Cart Rental

Have you been looking at a rental for your Myrtle Beach stay? If your options are down to a scooter rental or golf cart, you may want to dig in deep to find some important information. Here are just a few things you should consider when you’re looking for transportation rental. 

Rental Pricing

This one is a no-brainer. A Myrtle Beach scooter rental will be much cheaper to rent than a golf cart rental. Golf carts typically require a hefty deposit as well as a minimum amount before the rental can be agreed upon. Average prices for a golf cart rental range from $105 and higher for larger carts to haul more people! You can find Myrtle Beach rental scooters starting at just $40 a hour without a ton of added fees or you can rent for the whole week and live the real Myrtle Beach life.

You can rent a scooter for an entire month without any further commitments, but some golf cart rentals require more than just the payment. If you’re renting by the month, some golf cart rentals require a lease of 6 months or even up to a year! 

When you’re getting a scooter rental in Myrtle Beach, you’re not required to commit to any time longer than you want the scooter for. This relaxes the mind and you are able to vacation more.

Gas Prices

While the difference here is smaller than when comparing a Myrtle Beach scooter rental and a rental car, there is still a difference. Most golf carts have a tank size of 5-6 gallons of gas or electric, while the rental scooters average around 1.3  gallons at 100 miles per gallon. If you have to fill up, with gas prices like they are now, you’ll notice the difference between 1.3 gallons and 6 gallons to fill! 

Going hand in hand with gas prices is the mileage you’ll get per gallon. The average 50cc scooter can get around 100 miles per gallon, depending on riding conditions and rider size. The average gas powered golf cart will only get around 40 miles per gallon, a whopping 60 mile difference in mileage! Those miles add up if you’re cruising around sight seeing. Electric golf cart get an 18-25 mile range. 

Street Legality

Fortunately, most LSV golf carts are street legal, but the ones that are not will be much lower to rent. Those lack common safety features that would allow for them to be roadworthy, such as reduced speeds (averaging only 18 miles per hour) and no seat belts. 

LSV - LOW SPEED VEHICLE Golf Cart is not allowed to operate between dusk & dawn. 

In order for a golf cart to be legal to drive in the streets, it will need the following: seat belts, mirrors, horn, speedometer, tail lights, headlights, and more. It will also need to be able to meet the speed limits on roads to drive safely among other vehicles. Since most typical golf carts don’t offer these, you won’t be able to take it on the road. Plus a local permit.

Scooters on the other hand are street legal anywhere they can reach the speed limit. Since most 50cc scooters can reach up to 30 miles per hour, they can be driven around the city with no issues. They can ride 24 hours a day. No problem for those late night snack trips. 

Since most golf carts are street legal, a license is required to drive them. This is great if you’re on public property and on the road, it doesn't limit the access you have to get around. Scooters in most states only require a moped license or a driver’s license with no special endorsements. However, some states require a motorcycle license for scooters that go over 30 miles per hour or above 50 cc's. You’ll want to double check your state laws before committing to your Myrtle Beach scooter rental! You don’t want to go through the process only to find out you can’t legally drive it around. 

Traffic Jams

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, especially when they are checking out a popular place like Myrtle Beach. The good news is scooter rentals can avoid the mess of a traffic jam nightmare. Scooter riders can navigate through stuck traffic to get to where they need to go, saving them time and money.

If you’re on a street legal golf cart and stuck in traffic, you’ll unfortunately be stuck until the cars start moving. Due to the size differences between golf carts and scooters, they are unable to navigate through traffic like a rental scooter can. 


Unless there are designated golf cart parking spaces, you’ll be stuck using the regular spaces that cars use. This can be stressful when places are crowded and spaces are far and few between. 

However, scooters are entitled to park in motorcycle parking areas. You might find more availability of these spaces than you do regular spaces, so parking your Myrtle Beach rental scooter is a breeze! 

Scooters also fit better in tighter spaces, so you’ll be able to park it (as long as it’s legal parking) in spaces that cars and golf carts won’t fit. Take about convenience! 

The debate of a Myrtle Beach scooter rental vs. golf cart rentals is a simple one. First, the cost is a huge difference. Street legal golf carts will run much higher than regular golf carts and scooter rentals. You’ll save money on the rental price as well as on gas. Golf carts aren’t equipped for great fuel mileage like scooters are. You’ll get 200-300 miles per full tank with a scooter! Lots of travel for little cost. 

A big issue is also street legality. Most golf carts are not legal to be driven on the road. This leaves very little space to get around on them. Scooters on the other hand are perfectly legal to ride on the road. All you need is a valid driver’s license and you’re good to hit the road. 

Don’t let inexperience deter you from inquiring about a scooter rental in Myrtle Beach. Scooter Stop will ensure you have everything you need to have an enjoyable experience on your scooter rental.