5 Reasons You Should Ride A Scooter Instead Of A Motorcycle

Scooters are loved all around the world and continue to be the most commonly used two-wheel vehicle in South Carolina with a reason. If you are looking for an excellent way to hit the road, save gas, and have a little fun enjoying the ride, a scooter is the best choice! Although there are many reasons to choose a scooter over a motorcycle, these are the five biggest ones. They are the best reasons to find scooter dealers in South Carolina and buy one today!


One of the most significant reasons to choose a scooter over a motorcycle is cost. A motorcycle can cost upwards of five to ten thousand dollars. You can get a used scooter for about $1000. And driving them is highly economical too. The average scooter gets about 90-110 mpg! The average motorcycle only gets about 35-40 mpg, which is a whole lot less mileage for your money!


Scooters are pretty simple machines that require very little maintenance. Since not much can go wrong, all you have to do is add gas and go. And if something does need to be fixed, it is much less complex and costly to repair than a motorcycle. With a scooter, you don’t have to worry about belt drives or powertrains; they basically run themselves.

Automatic Transmission

Scooters don’t have manual clutch like motorcycles do, which can be very difficult to get the hang of. Driving a scooter is effortless. And, unlike a motorcycle, no learning curve can spell danger to beginners who are trying to navigate them for the first time. The automatic transmission means that you can focus more on the thrill of the ride than the logistics of driving. That spells more freedom and fun when you hit the open road.

Eco and Socially Friendly

Not only are scooters more eco-friendly for the environment than their motorcycle counterparts, many scooter models donate to the community to raise money or awareness for social causes. The Vespa 946 RED donates $150 of the sales from each scooter to help fight AIDS. So riding a scooter helps the environment. And it also improves the social environment and the health of people all around the world.

They Make it Easy to Navigate Traffic

If you are driving around Charleston, sometimes traffic can be pretty brutal, but not with a scooter. Scooters are so easy to navigate you can get around any bottleneck to make it to your destination less stressed and on time! And if you do have to sit idle in traffic, the automatic transmission means less pressing with your hands and no cramps. That is a huge advantage over driving a motorcycle.

Hitting the open road with just you and a machine is a freedom like no other. But if you are choosing between buying a scooter or a motorcycle, think carefully! There are many benefits that scooters offer over motorcycles. Stop by Scooter Stop today, one of the most awesome scooter dealers in South Carolina, and see all the fun options we have to offer!