Hello Charleston Scooter World!

So….We get asked regularly by our Charleston scooter rental riders about where to go and what to do on a scooter / moped in Charleston, SC that we are going to tell EVERYONE!
🛵💨Riding is EASY…..Having FUN is EASY…..on a 🛵💨åThere are Hidden Gems💎 all around this wonderful city and definitely some of the most memorable. All of these places and things will give each rider a different experience.
We recommend different times of the day for your different journeys through the Charleston streets, pathways, bike ways, and such. Enjoying our time on two wheels is key🔑 to being a GREAT Scooter Rider. We BEEP BEEP. We Wave👋 . Common practices of most riders and a courteous gesture among most on the road with us. 
We ENCOURAGE INTERACTION in this “Scooter/Moped World.” 🛵💨
🤫So if you know of any, Feel Free to Tell Us In Public or Private🤗
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We Strive To Be The Highest Quality Powersports Dealer In Charleston, SC.
💙💚❤️We Love Our Riders and Our Riders Love Us💜💛🧡